Why Choose Us?

shutterstock_64595776Outstanding service, compassionate care and attention to details are our pledge to you and your family during the confusing and difficult times after a crime or accident, during a challenging clean-up from hoarding. Let our trained & licensed compassionate staff be of service to restore your home or business while you focus on your family or employees.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. requires a higher level of accountability for their employees and their services.

Here’s what that means for you and your loved ones:


  • We Carry Specialized Insurance – Our clients are protected no matter the situation.
  • We Use Only Designated Vehicles – Not the family minivan with a mop
  • and broom.
  • We Are Properly Registered & Carry Permits with EPD – Our technicians are using only registered EPA disinfectant.
  • We Are EPA Lead-Certified
  • We Work with Local Law Enforcement – Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. has a strong and hospitable relationship with all local, state and federal authorities, including multiple professional memberships and associations.
  • We Know Our Employees – All of our employees conform to drug screening, proper background checking, and carry a valid driving license.


  • We Use Unmarked, Discreet Vehicles – We won’t alert the neighbors with our vehicles or the way we move in and out of your home or business. Our first consideration is you.
  • We Never Post Pictures of Past Traumas – Not on our website or on any type of social media or other marketing material. Your family’s needs are treated with respect and your privacy is protected.

We Focus on Crime & Trauma Decontamination – A restoration or cleaning company can’t ensure that your home or business has had all bio-material and hazards removed. We can and we do.

We Are on Standby 24/7 Every Day of the Year – Let your next call be to us, we can help.
We Give You a Quick Turnaround – So you can get back to your lifeyou’re your business, faster.

Client Satisfaction
We Have a Proven Track Record with Our Clients – Their homes and businesses were returned to the original condition in a timely manner. Most cases can be rectified within the same day.

Call Us Today for Bio-Recovery and Restoration Services
404-952-3228 or 1-888-900-2624

Southern Bio-Recovery Services is part of the Atlanta, Georgia community with services across the Metropolitan Atlanta area, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Northern Florida.

We specialize in restoring order.