Vandalism or Burglary

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We specialize in restoring order.

Burglars and Vandals don’t care if they take away your sense of safety along with your property. They smash and dash, often leaving a trail of bio-hazardous material behind them in their haste to get away. Don’t take chances with you, your family or your employees’ health and safety.

Let Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. help restore order to your home or business.

Criminals aren’t careful when they break into your home or business. Glass gets broken, wood is splintered and sometimes blood and other bodily fluids are left behind.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. uses state of the art equipment such as a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odors, a Low Volume Fogger to apply EPA registered disinfectants or Steam-Injection Machines to thoroughly clean every corner. We provide turnkey services to our customers and remove any worries or doubts about remaining blood, or bodily fluids. Our quality standards give you and your family or employees the opportunity to focus on what matters, each other.

Our job is to restore the area to its original state prior to the robbery or vandalism by removing any remaining unwanted physical matter that is present in the area even if its invisible to the eye. A site cannot just appear to be clean but must be sanitary and habitable for anyone who enters the property. That takes professionals who are trained and licensed.

Cleaning up after a crime is a process that requires care and attention with licensed professionals like Southern-Bio Recovery, Inc.
Outstanding service, compassionate care and attention to details are our pledge to you and your family during the confusing and difficult times after a crime. Let our trained & licensed compassionate staff be of service and restore your home or business while you focus on your family or employees.