Mass Fatality Recovery

When tragedy strikes, we are your next call in the middle of the night.

fatality-scene-recoveryWe provide Bio-Recovery and Restoration Services

A Mass Fatality occurs when there are multiple deaths from homicide or suicide. In January of 2010 Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. assisted Penske Truck Rental in Kennesaw, Georgia after a multiple shooting by an employee resulted in several deaths and injuries. We were able to successfully recover all bio-related material and restore the office surroundings to their original condition prior to the senseless and violent crime.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the aftermath of a sudden, violent and multiple crime scene at your home or business, we can help.

Call us at 404-952-3228 within the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee and we can make arrangements to clean and repair the site once the authorities have released the scene.

If you are the first person on the scene after a mass fatality due to multiple homicides and/or suicides, call 911 immediately and then wait outside for the local police to arrive. Do not disturb anything in the room or building or attempt to search the home or business. We can assist you with what comes next to restore your home or business and make it habitable again.

We can even help you negotiate with your home or business insurance provider to receive the full amount you’re due in as timely a manner as possible so that we can quickly and efficiently restore some peace of mind and your way of life.

The teams at Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. are secondary responders after the police, firefighters, paramedics and coroner have finished their jobs. Our trained technicians are skilled at entering the scene after a mass fatality, without interrupting the integrity and security of the area.

We are able to insure ongoing public safety from any biohazards while maintaining a standard of accountability to the families involved in the tragedy.

We understand that compassion and respect are just as important at a time like this as the restoration of your property to its prior state. Our technicians are licensed and trained to get the job done right.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. uses state of the art equipment such as a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odors, a Low Volume Fogger to apply EPA registered disinfectants or Steam-Injection Machines to thoroughly clean every corner. We provide turnkey services to our customers and remove any worries or doubts about remaining mold, bacteria or fungus as a result of blood, bodily fluids or bone fragments. Our quality standards give you and your family or employees the opportunity to focus on what matters, each other.

Our job is to restore your home or business to its original state prior to the mass fatalities by removing any remaining physical matter that is present in the area. A site cannot just appear to be clean but must be sanitary and habitable for anyone who enters the property. That takes professionals who are trained and licensed.

That’s why apartment or hotel managers and their staff can take care of many problems but they are not equipped to handle the bloodborne pathogens such as hepatitis or the emotional trauma that comes from cleaning up after a violent death.

Cleaning up after a Mass Fatality is a scientific process that takes licensed professionals like Southern-Bio Recovery, Inc.

Multiple violent deaths may require that sections of the carpet and even flooring have to be removed. A drop of blood 2” in diameter is usually indicative of a two-foot stain underneath that has seeped into most common flooring or even sub-flooring. Our team is meticulous in their clean-up efforts. We even remove all traces of the police forensic chemicals that often become part of a crime scene and can be hazardous to you or your family or employees’ health and wellbeing.

If you or someone you know has suffered a traumatic loss and needs a structure or room thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated and sanitized call one of our caring professionals today at Southern-Bio Recovery, Inc. 404-952-3228 in the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee. We are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.