Industrial Accidents

We can help restore your business and peace of mind.

industrial-accidentsThere were 3,277,700 Injuries, Illnesses and Fatalities at American businesses in 2009 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. 4,551 resulted in death. No matter how many safety precautions we take sometimes industrial accidents happen as a result of accidents such as:

  • Fall from Elevation
  • Electrocution
  • Trench Cave-In
  • Caught by Rotating Part
  • Caught or Crushed in Machinery
  • Struck by Falling Object
  • Asphyxiation
  • Fire/Explosion
  • Chemical Spill or Release
  • Fall and Drowning

We can help. Cleaning up after an Industrial Accident requires the careful expertise of licensed professionals like Southern-Bio Recovery, Inc.

If you are the first person on the scene after an industrial accident call 911 immediately and alert your supervisor or management. Wait away from the area for the local police to arrive. For your own safety, do not disturb anything in the area or attempt a search.

Corporate Management or Supervisors: Call us at 404-952-3228 within the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee and we can make arrangements for our turnkey services to remove all biohazard material and clean the site once the authorities have released the scene.

We can even help your company negotiate with your property insurance provider to receive the full amount in as timely a manner as possible so that we can quickly and efficiently restore some peace of mind to your employees’ way of life.

The teams at Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. are secondary responders after the police, firefighters, paramedics and coroner have finished their jobs. Our trained technicians are skilled at entering the area after an industrial accident without interrupting the integrity and security of the area.

We are able to insure ongoing public safety for your employees from any biohazards while maintaining a standard of accountability to the families involved in the tragedy.

We understand that compassion and respect are just as important at a time like this as the restoration of your property to its prior state. Our technicians are licensed and trained to get the job done right.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. uses state of the art equipment such as a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odors, a Low Volume Fogger to apply EPA registered disinfectants or Steam-Injection Machines to thoroughly clean every corner. We provide turnkey services to our customers and remove any worries or doubts about remaining mold, bacteria or fungus as a result of blood, bodily fluids or bone fragments. Our quality standards give you and your family or employees the opportunity to focus on what matters, each other.

Our job is to restore the area to its original state prior to the industrial accident by removing any remaining physical or hazardous matter that is present in the area. A site cannot just appear to be clean but must be sanitary and habitable for any employees who enter the area. That takes professionals who are trained and licensed.

If your business has suffered an industrial accident and needs a structure or area thoroughly cleaned, decontaminated, restored and sanitized call one of our caring professionals today at Southern-Bio Recovery, Inc. 404-952-3228 in the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee. We are available to you 24 hours a day, every day of the year.