Squad Car Decontamination

squad-car-decontaminationSouthern Bio-Recovery, Inc. is honored to provide a much-needed professional service to the men and women who serve in our local law enforcement and protect our communities across the Greater Atlanta Community and throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee.

We are able to supply local jurisdictions with a thorough and efficient decontamination for their squad cars from vomit, feces and a variety of bloodborne pathogens. All of our services can be done on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year at your location to get the officers quickly back to work.

Our trained and licensed professionals understand that a squad car is one of the best tools the police have to maintain the public safety. When a squad car is clean and comfortable then the officers can focus on what matters – their neighbors’ safety.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. is committed to helping every taxpayer dollar count by assisting local jurisdictions to keep the interior of their squad cars in tip-top shape no matter what went on in the back seat.

We employ a Hydroxyl Generator to remove odors, a Low Volume Fogger to apply EPA registered disinfectants and Steam-Injection Machines to remove any remaining matter. Local jurisdictions are provided with a turnkey service to restore the interior of their fleet to safe, working order.

Call us at 404-952-3228 within the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Northern Florida and Tennessee for a complete menu of our services. We can work with you to meet your community’s ongoing needs for bio-hazardous clean-up.

An officer’s job is dangerous enough without the hidden hazards that can come from a squad car that appears clean but still contains unhealthy pathogens. County administrators and Police officials contact us today for further information.