Distressed Property Cleanup

distressed-property-clean-upA well maintained home can sell itself. A distressed property can get potential buyers to keep on driving and never even get out of their car.

Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. can help you get your property sold by cleaning up the interior and surrounding yard so that the potential becomes more evident to any home or business buyers.

Your foreclosed properties will need to be maintained while the paperwork gets sorted out.

Abandoned or foreclosed properties can be hazardous and require professional care. There may be human or animal feces, abandoned pets, nuisance wildlife, mischief damage to gas or electrical lines, rotting and malodorous food substances along with abandoned furniture and other belongings that need to be removed safely and efficiently.

Our crews clean out the interior of all property or debris before cleaning every surface with the proper state of the art equipment such as a Filtered Respirator, Personal Protective Gear, a Low Volume Fogger for EPA registered disinfectants, Steam-Injection Machines to thoroughly clean all necessary surfaces and a Hydroxyl Generator to remove any trace of lingering odors.

If you are a bank or financial institution with a list of foreclosed and empty properties Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. can help you with our expert, affordable care.

There are approximately 3.7 million homes in foreclosure nationwide according to the Mortgage Bankers Association and many of those have been abandoned by their previous owners and left standing empty.

Georgia had an increase of 13% in foreclosure activity over 2010 with more houses expected to join the sales market. The state was recently ranked as having the 6th highest foreclosure rate in the country.

Banks are overwhelmed trying to keep up with helping families stay in their homes and all of the paperwork that has entangled the current housing crisis. There isn’t enough time left in the day for financial institutions to also take on the responsibility of upkeep to maintain our neighborhoods.

Let Southern Bio-Recovery Inc. help your community maintain its beauty and value while we all work together to get through the changing economy.

Our trained and licensed technicians can help restore your home or business and your peace of mind. Call Southern Bio-Recovery, Inc. at 404-952-3228 within the Greater Atlanta Community or 1-888-900-2624 throughout Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Northern Florida.

We are available to you and your community 24 hours a day, every day of the year and can even help you negotiate with your insurance company and start restoring order today.